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Print Process Automation Seems Impossible?

I already made it possible with
280+ printers in a very short period

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Parmeshwar Patidar

What people said about PARAM 3.0

Team Leader | Innovator | Learner | Educator | Entrepreneur | Robotics & AI Pundit | ERP and MIS Expert



Aaditya Pahuja,

Colors Packaging

PPA Framework is a very simple, powerful, and innovative concept designed by Param Ji. This will be the biggest makeover to grow the press. 

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Sandeep Jain,

Manali Carton Industries

He is a master of Process Automation for the printing industry with an expert team, deep technical knowledge, and implementation capabilities.


Dhruv Choukasi,

BPack Industries

I fall in love with his great Idea about the framework and sop's that a press should follow to grow faster and face competition in the market.


Hi, I am Parmeshwar Patidar, director of Indas Analytics, A seasoned Profitable Print Business Coach and Author of 2 books with 20 years of experience with Printing and Packaging Business Automation.
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India's first seasoned Profitable Print Business Coach

About Me

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  • 20+ Years of experience in IT & Printing Industry.
  • Founder of Indus Analytics, India's leading Print ERP Solution Provider.
  • Creator of PPA-Framework for Automation in the Print Industry.
  • 520+ Knowledge-sharing sessions done with Printers & Experts.
  • Architect of Indus Print ERP & Param ERP. 
  • Serving 280+ Brands for Printing Process Automation.
  • Author of books- "The Profitable Press-A PPC Method" & "Profitability through Productivity in Print".
  • Social Entrepreneur and Volunteer at Shivganga Jhabua.

Param's Elite Printing Connections

The Profitable Press
-A PPC Method

About the Book: 

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"The Profitable Press" provides clear guidance for those in the printing industry. It gives practical advice on improving operations and profits, drawing on Parmeshwar Patidar’s vast experience. This book is a valuable tool for anyone in printing looking to enhance their skills and grow their business, offering straightforward tips that can be directly applied to see real improvements.

This version makes the content more accessible and straightforward, ensuring that everyone can understand the value of the book and the author's expertise.

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Profitability Through Productivity in Print

About the Book: 

"Profitability Through Productivity in Print" is a useful guide for people who run printing businesses and want to grow their company fast. The book gives easy tips and shows through real examples and studies how using new technology and improving how you control quality and operations can make your business more productive. This is all about helping business owners do their work more efficiently and successfully.

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Associations & Collaborations

Advisor Member in World Print Hub for Software Innovation
Printweek Awards ERP Partner 2022-2023
Advisor Member in Indore Masters Printers Associations
Advisor Member in MMS for Software Innovation & Indas Analytics is most accredited company by MMS.
Internationally Recognized by FAPGA (Forum of Asia Pacific Graphic Arts)
Service Partner for ERP Services


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